Overwhelmed in the Best Way.


My last post was focused on Engagement in the terms of my fiancé and me. However, it does expand much further than this… all the way to our friends and family.

Yesterday was my bridal shower, which means things feel REALLY real now. I was so nervous about the shower… well, not really the whole shower. Just the part where everyone stares at you while you open gifts. I mean, the last time anyone watched me open pile after pile of gifts was probably my 6th birthday. I’m not as entertaining as my fiancé is, so I was stressed about how this could possibly be fun for anyone besides me.

Am I opening the gifts too slow? Too fast?
Did I say ‘thank you’ enough?
Am I being overly appreciative?
Is it too quiet in here?
It is too quiet. Can we turn music on? Or is that not what people do at a shower?
Am I the only one sweating?

But of course, it’s just me and my friends and my family, so we laughed at each other and the whole gift-opening only took about an hour- not too painful! And the décor and food and gifts and friendship and love were FABULOUS! My best friend of 11 years (wow- still can’t believe it’s been that long) took charge of all the details and my soon-to-be Mother-in-Love (because let’s face it, “in-law” sounds like a forced legal arrangement to me) hosted at her beautiful home in Laguna Beach.

I could write for hours about the details, because those were the things that hit me later that night. As I laid in bed wishing for sleep, I recounted all of the thoughtful gifts and gestures from the day and was completely overwhelmed! My mother, sister and a few of my aunts Skyped in to be a part of the shower (since they all live in South Carolina) and even through the blurry, garbled screen, they spent their Sunday gathered around an IPad to be part of the fun. The monogrammed gifts and hand-picked cards and thoughtful words each yanked a heart string as I recounted every person that had been there. And then, I started bawling. It felt like a cry that came from pain, and I was really confused. With my fiancé by my side as I rambled through tears, he said the sweetest thing: “Babe, I think you are just overwhelmed, and sometimes when you feel overwhelmed with happiness like this, it comes out in tears. That’s all.”

And he was right. I don’t think it is humanly possible to feel as happy and as blessed as I felt yesterday, so it exploded out of me into big, fat, juicy tears. Now I understand the phrase “Overwhelmed with Joy.”


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