Newport Beach, CA

Bio: Me- I'm celebrating a new decade of life! I'm working on breathing life into my dreams and into the full beauty of who I am. I was born and raised in South Carolina and now living in California for the past 8 years. I got lost along the way somewhere between 22 and 27- those years were full of the good and bad: self-doubt, confusion, excitement, insecurity, friendship, exploration, disappointment, anxiety... I'll probably touch on those years in my writing. It's easier now that I'm looking back 🙂 On the outside, you might see a former cheerleader and sorority girl, a social butterfly and a slight southern accent. It's ok if you categorize me- doesn't hurt my feelings- but if you get to know me, you'll know that I think and feel things very deeply. I have a lot of questions about life and curiosities about faith. I don't often take things a face value and I always want to dig deeper. It can be exhausting- (ask my husband!) but the pattern of the stars and the story of our God and the complexities of the human mind and soul are just too important to glaze over. Who I am now: I'm newly married, 30 years old, and committed to intentionally living life filled with more grace, joy and simple love in this new decade!

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