Writing Out-Loud


I love quotes. Like really good quotes- the kind that can add wind to your sails or knock the wind out of you they are so good. And I’ve found, like with Bible verses, that quotes can often strike me differently at different stages of my life. The recent quote that almost knocked me out and simultaneously lifted me up is by Eleanor Roosevelt, “Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you’ll be criticized anyway.” This is me in my life right now. Afraid of critics, disappointing others and disapproving glances.

What I find empowering about this quote is that it has proven to be true in many aspects of my life. When I was single and wild with a hap-hazard (yet exciting!) lifestyle, I was criticized. Now I’m engaged, walking deeper into my faith and trying on some responsible shoes, and I’m criticized. Whether I never set foot in a gym or was going 5 days a week, whether I ate gluten or sugar or was doing a 7 day cleanse, there is always criticism. And it doesn’t always come in the form of words either. It’s not always aggressive or obvious. Sometimes, it is probably more real in my perception than in reality. It can be a glare, a friend that has gotten distant, or disapproving sighs, but it’s there. To me, knowing that it will always be there… that is freedom. Since I can’t escape it, why worry about it?

So I’m writing. It’s been a long time coming. I guess I never did because I worried that I might offend someone, or over-share, or turn someone off… but since I’ll do that somehow, someway, no matter what, I feel empowered to actually write- out loud!